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20 April 1984
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I'm Raffaella (aka Amechan), 24 years old, Italian (and sometimes proud to be!) and single. I'm a student in college, majoring in Medieval art. Medieval is one of my obsessions, indeed. I love everything medieval!<3 My others interests are music, fashion and especially reading. According to Anobii in 2007 I read 57 books. I prefer historical dramas, romance novels, old classicals and, above all, Jane Austen, who is my absolutely favourite author (my fave book by hers is Sense and Sensibility, if you wonder =P). I'm interested also in icons, but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to make them!
Other things I like are costume dramas, medical entertainment like House M.D., Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and other tv-shows like Gilmore Girls,Veronica Mars, The OC, Gossip Girl etc.
I read mangas 'til three years ago, then I quitted. But my favourite anime/manga is still The Slayers, i'm so obsessed over it and i'm a proud Amelia/Zelgadiss shipper :D
Please, buy me a paid account :D
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